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Cleaning Solutions

A primary cause of odours, blockages and general drainage problems is the use of harsh, caustic chemical cleaners and detergents upstream from the wastewater treatment system. If you use non-caustic, low-phosphate and fully biodegradable cleaning products you not only eliminate the damage caused by conventional cleaning products but also improve the efficiency of your wastewater system.

EcoShield All Surface is based on a scientifically developed blend of natural ingredients, grease dispersants and biological stimulants that have been proven to be highly effective at cleaning in both hard and soft water, eliminating odours by altering their molecular structure and improving the health of wastewater systems. Our products are natural and made with food grade ingredients, meaning they are safe to use in food preparation and related facilities.

Take advantage of professional grade, economical cleaning products that will help you save on system repairs, improve the health of your ponds and allow your business to practice environmentally safe wastewater management.