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Petrocarbon & FOG Removal

Petroleum hydrocarbons, or petrocarbons, are wastewater contaminants that are difficult to break down and digest for most conventional wastewater systems. We provide preventative and corrective solutions for in-situ treatment, contamination, accidental spills and soil remediation.

If your wastewater system’s grease trap or hydrocarbon separator isn’t performing as it should be and your system is contaminated with fats, oils and greases or is experiencing sludge bulking, we provide solutions that will break down these contaminants and flush them from your system.

Our natural solutions are highly effective and have been proven to quickly restore systems to their optimal condition.

As wastewater issues and their underlying causes are system specific, combinations of our product and application rates are customised to suit your needs. Please get in touch with our wastewater consultants so that we can understand your needs and work with you to resolve issues at no additional cost.