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Our range of specialised solutions have been developed to deal with the toughest wastewater management issues. Catering to the needs of wastewater specialists, engineers, consultants, plant operators and facility managers, our tested and proven products can resolve the most severe of wastewater issues and restore systems to their optimal performance.

Our expertise in environmental wastewater management and our cost-effective solutions complement current operational procedures and help extend the efficiency and operational life of wastewater treatment systems.

Safe, non-toxic and easy to use, the EcoCare range offers a cost effective, modern solution to traditional wastewater issues and we provide support to help you meet compliance standards and environmental guidelines.

As wastewater issues and their underlying causes are system specific, combinations of our product and dosage rates are customised to suit your needs. Please get in touch with our wastewater consultants so that we can understand your needs and work with you to resolve issues at no additional cost.