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A slight smell coming from your septic or AWTS system outside is normal, but if you’re experiencing a strong odour it’s due to your system not digesting waste effectively.

Within your system there’s an optimal balance which allows the beneficial bacteria inside to thrive and efficiently break down waste. Inconsistent usage, harsh cleaning chemicals, pump outs, fluctuations in temperature and water levels all disrupt the ecosystem in your tank and contribute to poor performance.

Without the optimal conditions present, populations of beneficial bacteria begin to die off, your system starts to smell and if left unattended, blockages soon follow.

The simplest and most cost-effective solution is to boost your system’s beneficial bacteria with a biological stimulant based additive. EcoCare’s proven solutions contain micro and macro nutrients that allow your beneficial bacteria to rapidly multiply and restore your system to peak performance.

“I would like to congratulate EcoCare Australia on their products. Since I have been using them in my septic tank, the problems of the past have disappeared. The previous years of blocked drains, over-flowing, seepage in tanks, etc; have gone. Bad odours and reoccurring problems have ceased.”

– Peter Perry

Your solution

For septic and AWTS odour issues with a household of 1, we recommend the following products and dosage. Odours are expected to disappear within 2-3 weeks.


EcoCare Activator 10L
EcoCare Enhancer Kit AB

Dosage Instructions

Step 1
On the 1st morning of treatment, mix the contents of the EcoCare pH Stabiliser sachet with 1 litre of cold water, pour the mixture into the toilet and flush – the mixture may not dissolve fully and it could take a few flushes before the toilet is clear. 

Step 2:
In the evening, pour the contents of the EcoCare Culture AB bottle into the toilet and flush.

Step 3
The following morning, add 4 litres of EcoCare Activator down the toilet leading into the system to kick-start the natural bacteria and waste breakdown process. 

Step 4
Add a weekly dose of 125ml per week of Activator directly in the toilet or down the drains leading into the septic.  10L of EcoCare Activator will give you 48 weeks of worry-free usage. 

Step 5
Once the issue has been fixed it is important to continue using EcoCare Activator on a regular weekly basis to prevent the problem coming back. The maintenance dose is 125ml per person, per week.

What makes our products different?

Most septic, AWTS or greywater treatment products use bacteria or enzymes to improve system performance. Whilst we do provide specialty bacteria, we know that the underlying cause of most wastewater issues are poor biological conditions within the system that kill the bacteria necessary for waste breakdown.

Our solution contains specialty bacteria as well as nutrients, minerals and amino acids that allow these bacteria to rapidly multiply.

EcoCare’s Biological Stimulant Technology introduces select nutrients, minerals and amino acids that improve biological conditions, overcome the damage caused by everyday household chemicals and allow beneficial bacteria to maintain healthy populations. This is what allows septic systems to operate at peak performance and minimises the need for pump outs and expensive repairs.