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Septic systems often receive fat, oil and grease which have passed undigested through a wastewater system’s pipes and tank as the system either doesn’t contain the right type of bacteria to digest fat, oil and grease or doesn’t have enough of them.

These fat, oil and grease particles clump together and cause blockages in the leach drain. In the past, there was little that could be done to restore drainage and a poorly performing leach drain had to be completely replaced or dug up and repaired.

The EcoCare LD Kit introduces specialty bacteria to digest fat, oil and grease through your pipes, tank and in your leach drain. The LD Kit also contains biological stimulants which improve the biological conditions within your system and provide the essential micro and macro nutrients required to boost your populations of beneficial bacteria.

With the right bacteria present and in sufficient numbers, your leach drain blockages will be digested from within, drainage will be restored and your system will return to peak performance.

“I am writing to recommend your product, EcoCare Activator, to others who may have problems with their septic or leach drain. I purchased Activator 4 months ago as I had a problem with odour; a build up of fats; blockages in my seepage drains and wetness at the surface of my trench. I had been told by the plumber that it would cost me a fortune to replace my entire system. However, that is no longer necessary as the trench is now dry and running well – and the odours are gone. I could not speak more highly of Activator.”

– Russell Marsh

Your solution

For leach drain blockages, we recommend the following products and dosage. Blockages are expected to disappear within 3 months.


EcoCare LD Kit

Dosage Instructions

pH Stabiliser
On the first morning of treatment, mix the sachet of pH Stabiliser with 1 litre of cold water, pour it into the toilet and flush. Please keep flushing until the toilet is clear.

Culture AB
On the first evening of treatment, pour the container of Culture AB down the toilet leading to your wastewater system and flush. For best results add Culture AB last thing at night.

On the second morning, pour 4 litres of Activator down your toilets or drains followed by 4 litres of cold water. Each week, add total of 750 mls of EcoCare Activator down the toilet for a minimum of 3 months. Once blockage is alleviated, switch to using the maintenance dose of Activator which is 125ml per person, per week.

Culture GF
Add 80 mls of EcoCare Culture GF into the kitchen drain each week, following up immediately with a cup of water at room temperature. Continue until bottle is finished.

What makes our products different?

Most septic, AWTS or greywater treatment products use bacteria or enzymes to improve system performance. Whilst we do provide specialty bacteria, we know that the underlying cause of most wastewater issues are poor biological conditions within the system that kill the bacteria necessary for waste breakdown.

Our LD Kit contains specialty bacteria as well as nutrients, minerals and amino acids that allow these bacteria to rapidly multiply.

EcoCare’s Biological Stimulant Technology introduces select nutrients, minerals and amino acids that improve biological conditions, overcome the damage caused by everyday household chemicals and allow beneficial bacteria to maintain healthy populations. This is what allows septic systems to operate at peak performance and minimises the need for pump outs and expensive repairs.

Boost your bacteria – don’t rebuild!

The most common cause of leach drain failure is undigested fat, oil and grease passing through your septic system and causing blockages in your leach drain. The beneficial bacteria within your septic system are used to breaking down waste from your toilet and aren’t suited to breaking down fats, oils and grease.

Rebuilding your leach drain will get rid of blockages, but it’s expensive, time consuming and unnecessary. Our biological treatment solution will add specialty bacteria and boost them to healthy populations quickly and affordably.