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Residential > Septic/AWTS > New system/Pumped Out > 1 person

New septic or AWTS systems need to be seeded with the right types of bacteria so that the system is able to quickly reach optimal bacterial populations and efficiently digest waste. Similarly, after a pump out, systems need to be reseeded with bacteria so that they can return to peak performance.

To ensure the specialty bacteria are able to quickly reach healthy populations, our solutions contain the micro and macro nutrients required for the beneficial bacteria to rapidly multiply and grow.

“I was struggling with my septic system when I first moved here from the city. EcoCare helped me with advice, and then the Activator product. I used the product for some years, very successfully, got complacent, but I have recently started using it again. I am so happy with the product that I won’t ever get complacent again.”

– Lynn Takayama

Your solution

To seed and kickstart your septic or AWTS with a household of 1, we recommend the following products and dosage. Consistent application will ensure you live odour, blockage and worry-free.


EcoCare Activator 10L
EcoCare Enhancer Kit AB

Dosage Instructions

Step 1
On the 1st morning of treatment, mix the contents of the EcoCare pH Stabiliser sachet with 1 litre of cold water, pour the mixture into the toilet and flush – the mixture may not dissolve fully and it could take a few flushes before the toilet is clear. 

Step 2
In the evening, pour the contents of the EcoCare Culture AB bottle into the toilet and flush.

Step 3
The following morning, add 4 litres of EcoCare Activator down the toilet leading into the system to kick-start the natural bacteria and waste breakdown process. 

Step 3
Add a total of 125ml of EcoCare Activator down the toilet each week to ensure your system stays healthy. 10L of EcoCare Activator will ensure your system starts smoothly and provide treatment for 48 weeks.

What makes our products different?

Whilst we know specialty bacteria are essential for system seeding, we know that the underlying cause of most wastewater issues are poor biological conditions within the system that kill the bacteria necessary for waste breakdown. 

Our solution contains specialty bacteria as well as nutrients, minerals and amino acids that allow these bacteria to rapidly multiply. 

EcoCare’s Biological Stimulant Technology introduces select nutrients, minerals and amino acids that improve biological conditions, overcome the damage caused by everyday household chemicals and allow beneficial bacteria to maintain healthy populations. This is what allows septic systems to operate at peak performance and minimises the need for pump outs and expensive repairs.