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Commercial > Grease Trap > Odour/Blockage > 401-700 meals served

EcoCare products are used by businesses with commercial grease traps across Australia to keep their grease traps odour and blockage free. Our products have been scientifically developed, tested and are proven to restore grease trap performance and improve efficiency.

What makes our products different?

Our grease trap products contain readily biodegradable surfactants that immediately trap odour-causing molecules so that smells are no longer released. Our specialty fat, oil and grease digesting bacteria then go to work digesting and breaking down the waste inside your grease trap so that your grease trap’s effective waste holding capacity is increased.

Our products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally responsible and completely safe for use in kitchens and food preparation.

Here are some of the businesses we’ve worked with:

  • Restaurants, cafes and bakeries 
  • Wineries and breweries
  • Meat processing and butchers
  • Hotels, taverns and roadhouses
  • Leisure facilities
  • Healthcare providers
  • Schools
  • Food processing

To control grease trap odours and/or blockages with a grease trap for a business that serves between 401 and 700 meals per day on average, we recommend the following.

Products20L EcoCare GT Plus

Dosage rate:  300ml per day

Dosing instructions: add the recommended dosage to the main kitchen drain line which has the odour and/or blockage at the end of the day, followed immediately by a cup of water at room temperature.

Continue daily dosage until the odour and/or blockage has cleared. Most odour and/or blockages will be eliminated within two weeks, severe cases may take longer.

Continue dosing with remaining product to maintain overall grease trap performance.