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Corrosion Control

Hydrogen Sulphide Inhibition

Specially formulated to inhibit H2S gas production and restore the natural biological settings necessary for odour control and corrosion protection in affected systems.

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EcoCare Corrosion Control is a product designed to combat the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas in a variety of waste systems. In anaerobic conditions, sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) create hydrogen sulphide ions which then protonate in acidic conditions and form hydrogen sulphide gas, the leading cause of infrastructure corrosion and malodours in sewer lines. EcoCare Corrosion Control is made of low risk, Group 1, extremophiles (micro-organisms that thrive in extreme conditions) that oxidise the sulphides that are created by the SRB, shifting the equillibrium to the left and preventing formation of hydrogen sulphide.


Reduces Corrosion


Inhibits H2S Production


Non-Toxic & Biodegradable


Professional Customer Reviews

We are an integrated rural health service and have been using your products, for a while now and I can honestly say it is pretty good. We use it quite regularly, and now, we do not have the trouble of smells from the grease trap…Your consultants have been pleasant to deal with. When we ring you up to tell you we are running low, we get the product delivered really quickly. I can always count on you to ring us back at the right time, when you say you are going to ring back…

Andrew Evans

In my role as Senior Service Technician and Advisor at Wastewater Consultants Pty. Ltd, I am often in the position of servicing all different types of Aerated Water Treatment systems that may not be functioning well. I have recommended EcoCare’s products and have seen even the most neglected system turned around within little time. Even tanks that should have been pumped out have had an excellent result…The odour is usually nonexistent within 2-4 weeks. Regular weekly use according to the directions assists in breaking down the waste and helps keep pumps and filters in good order. It also Keeps sprinkler heads and irrigation lines clear and blockage free… and it is completely biodegradable; non-toxic for use in the home and safe to use on gardens… We purchase large quantities of this product regularly and have always been very pleased with the results. It is a very useful wastewater management solution at a sensible price…

Michael Goddard

There are about 250 men on site and the septic was not handling the load so the waste was not breaking down. We were severely affected by a lot of odours, poor leaching… it was flowing through the system untouched and depositing in our pond. I introduced Insight Environmental’s Activator and in a relatively short period of time the odours were completely eliminated…The waste is now being broken down completely inside the tank and the leach drain area has been completely cleaned up…

David Fleming