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Biological Stimulant Technology

Give your bacteria a boost with the nutrients, minerals and amino acids they need to thrive.

Biological Stimulant Technology improves wastewater system performance by providing the essential nutrients, minerals and amino acids needed to maintain healthy populations of beneficial bacteria and overcome the damage caused by the chemicals of modern living.

Why is this key to maintaining system performance?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, although bacteria feed on waste, the waste in your tank doesn’t contain the best ‘diet’ for beneficial bacteria. They require supplements to maintain healthy populations and digest waste effectively the same way we take vitamin supplements to overcome our dietary deficiencies.

Secondly, the reality of modern living is that there are large volumes of chemicals which enter wastewater systems from cleaning products, food and medicines. These chemicals kill the beneficial bacteria and diminish their populations to below what’s needed to digest waste effectively. Biological Stimulant Technology provides the essential nutrients, minerals and amino acids bacteria need to quickly replenish and maintain their populations at effective levels.

Maintaining a healthy population of beneficial bacteria in your wastewater system is critical for waste breakdown and effective odour control.

How does Biological Stimulant Technology work?

Biological Stimulant Technology vitamins and minerals

Exactly the same way vitamins and supplements work for us. Beneficial bacteria use the nutrients provided by Biological Stimulant Technology to supplement their diet and rapidly increase their numbers.

Greater numbers of bacteria produce greater numbers of enzymes, which break down waste faster and provide more waste particles for bacteria to digest – improving the entire waste breakdown process.

Scientifically, Biological Stimulant Technology helps beneficial bacteria reach the log phase of growth quickly and remain in that phase for longer.

How is Biological Stimulant Technology different to other wastewater additives?

Wastewater issues arise from insufficient populations of bacteria to effectively digest waste. Low bacteria populations are caused by poor biological conditions – inconsistent loading, insufficient nutrients, and too many chemicals.

Most wastewater additives or supplements contain bacteria or enzymes which are added to increase their numbers. While these products might have a short-term impact on waste breakdown, they don’t provide a long term solution to odours, blockages and poor system performance as they fail to tackle the underlying issue – the biological conditions within the system aren’t allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive.

Adding bacteria or enzymes into a system with poor biological conditions is a short term fix as the conditions that caused the low populations in the first place haven’t been resolved.

Biological Stimulant Technology tackles the underlying issue that causes wastewater issues. By improving the biological conditions for beneficial bacteria, they can thrive, digest waste effectively and ensure keep systems running smoothly.