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Septic Smells in Your Bathroom

If there’s a sewage or septic smell in your bathroom, it’s most likely due to a blockage in your drains or an issue with your wastewater system. If you’re on a septic you need to be extra careful of what you use to clear blockages and get rid of the smell. Here’s what you can do to get rid of any odours.

Blocked shower drain, bathroom sink or toilet

There might be a blockage in your shower drain, bathroom sink or toilet if you’re smelling sewage in your bathroom. It’s common for bathroom drains to get blocked as hair, soap and dirt clump together and form clogs in your drain pipes. Waste then gets trapped by this clog instead of passing through into your wastewater system. What you’re smelling could be the gases released as waste decomposes in your drain instead of your tank.

The simplest and quickest way to get rid of a blockage in one of your bathroom drains is to use a natural drain unblocking product like EcoCare All Clear. If your home has a septic or AWTS it’s very important not to use conventional chemical-based drain cleaners as they contain harsh chemicals that will kill the beneficial bacteria in your system and cause more smells and problems.

Septic was recently pumped out or needs to be pumped out

If you’ve recently had your septic or AWTS pumped out recently, your system could have insufficient beneficial bacteria inside to effectively digest waste and the smell of the undigested waste is wafting up your pipes and back into your home.

If you suspect this is the case, seeding your system with specialty bacteria and giving them a boost with the nutrients and minerals they need to rapidly multiply is the best solution. With readily biodegradable surfactants that trap odours and healthy populations of beneficial bacteria your system will stop smelling and return to peak performance.

Alternatively, if you haven’t pumped out for some time, your tank might be full and need to be emptied. You should get your tank inspected by a wastewater professional, pump it out and then reseed your system.

Broken seal around your bathroom fixtures

You could have a broken seal around the sink or toilet in your bathroom. If the seal is broken it can release gases into your home and be the cause of the odours. You should ask a plumber to inspect the seals around the drains in your bathroom.

To find out more about how we can help eliminate odours, please get in touch with us. Here are what some of our happy, long-term customers are saying.

We have been using the product for over 15 years in our septic system and have had our system pumped out once in all that time and were told our system was the cleanest they had ever had to service.

Gerry Kelly

I love it, I clean everything with it. We have been using it for 11 years and only pumped out once, we where told it was so healthy.

Michelle Wright

We have two septic systems, both treated with EcoCare. Systems have remained trouble free and have not required to be pumped out since we started using the product 12 years ago.. An excellent product.

Bryant Ham

Provides the result that we hope for quickly and easily. No mess, no fuss, no smell, in fact the smell from our grease trap disappears. Our system has not been pumped out a decade or more.

Larry Greetham