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What Septic Product Should I Use to Maintain My Biocycle System?

The easiest and most cost-effective way to maintain your Biocycle system is by treating it with a biological stimulant based additive. Following a simple treatment routine will reduce how often you need to pump out your system and add years to your system’s overall lifespan.

Why do I need to treat my system?

All types of wastewater system digest waste through the use of beneficial bacteria within the tank. These bacteria produce enzymes which break up large waste particles so that they can easily digest them. With the optimal biological conditions present within the tank, there will be sufficient populations of these beneficial bacteria, they’ll produce enough enzymes and they’ll be able to effectively digest waste.

The problem is that the too much water, cleaning chemicals, medicines, overloading and temperature fluctuations can upset the biological balance within your system and prevent it from functioning properly. Instead of trying to control the weather, the simple solution is to use a biological stimulant based additive to maintain the optimal biological conditions.

Why should I use a biological stimulant based additive?

Your Biocycle system digests waste and treats wastewater through a series of controlled biological processes. These processes are delicate and require healthy bacteria and certain biological conditions to operate effectively.

The most common cause of poor system performance is low populations of beneficial bacteria which is a result of poor conditions within the system.

Maintaining your Biocycle wastewater system with a treatment product will ensure that your system maintains sufficient populations of beneficial bacteria, waste is digested effectively, you reduce how often you pump out your system, lengthen its lifespan and prevent costly callouts and expensive repairs. Read what our customers are saying.

How does it work?

Following a simple treatment routine will counteract the impacts of everyday living that disrupt the balance within your system.

EcoCare Activator is a biological stimulant based additive that boosts your system’s bacteria by providing the essential nutrients, vitamins and amino acids they need to thrive. When the bacteria are healthy and in sufficient populations they’ll produce their own enzymes and your system will operate at peak performance.

Application of EcoCare Activator is as simple as pouring the recommended dosage into any drain or toilet leading to your system. Your dosage will depend upon the type of system you have, the number of people in your household and your usage – which our expert consultants can advise you of.

We recommend that you speak with one of our wastewater consultants before placing your order as we want to make sure you get the right treatment plan with the best product and optimal dosage.

If you’re having an issue with your system we can help diagnose your problem over the phone and make sure there isn’t some corrective action you should take before starting your treatment. For example, if your system is blocked by tree roots our solutions won’t be able to help and removing the tree roots should be a priority.

We have been using the product for over 15 years in our septic system and have had our system pumped out once in all that time and were told our system was the cleanest they had ever had to service.

Gerry Kelly

I love it, I clean everything with it. We have been using it for 11 years and only pumped out once, we where told it was so healthy.

Michelle Wright

We have two septic systems, both treated with EcoCare. Systems have remained trouble free and have not required to be pumped out since we started using the product 12 years ago.. An excellent product.

Bryant Ham

Provides the result that we hope for quickly and easily. No mess, no fuss, no smell, in fact the smell from our grease trap disappears. Our system has not been pumped out a decade or more.

Larry Greetham