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Do Septic Additives Work?

The short answer is yes, septic additives do work to fix problems with the biological conditions within a septic system. With today’s understanding of microbes and advances in biotechnology, septic additives are highly effective and affordable. 

Most septic smells or blockages are caused by biological imbalances in your system which can be fixed with a septic additive. Biological imbalances include diminished bacterial populations, incorrect pH, incorrect oxygen content or nutrient availability. These biological problems are the underlying cause of a wide range of septic issues, which can all be solved by restoring balance with a septic additive. 

How do septic additives work? 

Septic additives work by either introducing bacteria, enzymes or biological stimulants to replenish bacterial populations as they’re killed. Septic additives act as a counter to the negative impact modern lifestyles have on wastewater systems. Chemical-based cleaning products, antibiotics and drain cleaners are examples of products we use that kill the bacteria in septic systems. 

When don’t they work? 

There are some things septic additives won’t help with like a full tank or a broken pipe. These are physical problems and will require physical intervention. A full tank will require a pump out and any part of your system that’s broken will need to be fixed. 

If you’re not sure, get in touch with a wastewater expert to help you diagnose your problem. 

What about homemade remedies? 

You’re often going to hear about people who have used molasses, vinegar, dead cats or 2 minute noodles to get rid of septic smells or blockages. They can provide some temporary relief, but they almost certainly won’t fix the underlying problem. Which means the odour or blockage will return. 

Septic additives have been used in commercial applications for many years and you can now use them at home too. Biological stimulant based additives have proven to be the most effective way to fix wastewater issues and to keep systems running at peak performance. By restoring and maintaining healthy populations of beneficial bacteria you will live odour and blockage free, lengthen the time between pump outs and save on costly callouts and expensive repairs.

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