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Will Bleach Damage My Septic System?

Since bleach kills bacteria and septic systems rely on beneficial bacteria to break down waste, bleach is very damaging to your system and one of the worst things that can be allowed to enter it.

What is bleach?

Bleach is the generic name for caustic chemicals that are used to disinfect or sterilize and as such have bactericidal properties. This means that they will kill bacteria.

Bleaches commonly comprise oxidizing chemicals and are often toxic to humans and animals.

How bleach damages septic systems

As bleach is anti-bacterial, when it enters your wastewater system it kills the bacteria that live within your system. The waste in wastewater is digested and treated by beneficial bacteria that live in your system’s pipes and tank.

These beneficial bacteria are critical to the function of your wastewater system – without them waste wouldn’t be digested and your tank would fill up very quickly and require frequent pump outs.

Many conventional cleaning products and drain unblocking products use bleach and are one of the main contributors to septic system failure.

How bleach damages septic systems

If you’re using bleach for cleaning or are using cleaning products that contain bleach, you should switch to our septic smart household cleaning range – EcoShield. The household cleaning products within the range have all been designed specifically for use with wastewater systems and are not only safe for your system, but will help maintain healthy populations of beneficial bacteria.

If you’re using bleach for removing mould, removing stains or disinfecting, you can try use the following which are completely safe for your septic system:Lemon juiceVinegarCastile SoapBaking Soda

How to restore your system if you have used bleach

If you’ve had to use bleach for some reason, it’s entered your wastewater system and you’ve noticed that there are now odours or blockages, the likely reason is that the populations of beneficial bacteria within your system aren’t sufficient to digest waste.

EcoCare Activator will help to quickly restore your system’s biological conditions and give the bacteria the nutrients, minerals and amino acids they need to rapidly repopulate and resume digesting waste.

If you need any advice or guidance in getting your system back to peak performance please get in touch with us for an obligation-free over the phone consultation.

To find out more about how we can guarantee your system gets back to peak performance, please get in touch with us. Here are what some of our happy, long-term customers are saying.

We have been using the product for over 15 years in our septic system and have had our system pumped out once in all that time and were told our system was the cleanest they had ever had to service.

Gerry Kelly

I love it, I clean everything with it. We have been using it for 11 years and only pumped out once, we where told it was so healthy.

Michelle Wright

We have two septic systems, both treated with EcoCare. Systems have remained trouble free and have not required to be pumped out since we started using the product 12 years ago.. An excellent product.

Bryant Ham

Provides the result that we hope for quickly and easily. No mess, no fuss, no smell, in fact the smell from our grease trap disappears. Our system has not been pumped out a decade or more.

Larry Greetham