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Zero-Risk Septic Protection Tips

Simple changes that won’t cost you extra

If your septic system is running smoothly there are some zero-risk, cost-free things you can do to make sure it stays in tip top condition. These quick tips will keep your system odour and blockage free without you spending an extra cent.

  1. If you do one thing to safeguard your septic, it should be to stop using chemical based cleaning products. They’re the leading cause of odours, blockages and costly repairs. Far too often our solutions are used to restore systems damaged by cleaning chemicals and bleaches.

    By swapping to septic smart cleaners you’ll spend the same on household cleaners, but you’re also protecting your septic without buying any additional products! Instead of reacting to septic issues when they arise, proactively prevent odours and blockages by swapping your household cleaning products to alternatives specifically designed for use with septic, AWTS and greywater systems.

  2. Use water more efficiently. Too much water in your tank will impact its effectiveness as the beneficial bacteria won’t have enough time to digest waste before it flows out through your leach field. Try to spread out activities that use a lot of water, like laundry.

  3. Watch what you flush down your toilet. Diapers, dental floss, cigarette butts or personal hygiene products are non-biodegradable and won’t break down in your septic system.

  4. Keep your garden tidy. Root damage is a very real concern and a problem that’s hard to rectify without physical intervention. Make sure trees are at least 30m away from your septic system so that their roots can’t cause damage.

How Does EcoShield Protect Septics?

If you’re using EcoShield cleaning products throughout your home, that means you’re not using any harsh cleaners. By not using these harmful cleaners you’ve effectively removed one of the biggest threats to your system’s health – chemical damage.

  • Drastically cut down the chemicals that damage your system.
  • Readily biodegradable surfactants trap odours within your drains and tank after you’re done cleaning.
  • Products within the EcoShield range contain biological stimulants that give your bacteria a boost with the nutrients, minerals and amino acids they need to digest waste effectively.

What makes EcoShield 100% Septic Safe?

EcoShield products don’t contain any of the fillers and harsh chemicals that damage your septic system and the environment. Instead they rely on readily biodegradable surfactants and natural cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your home and keep your system running smoothly.

EcoShield’s multipurpose cleaner, toilet cleaner and bathroom cleaner are more than septic safe – they’re septic beneficial. This means they contain nutrients, minerals and amino acids that actively improve the biological conditions within your system.

Make the smarter choice

EcoShield household cleaning products are 100% septic safe, completely natural and designed specifically for use with septic, AWTS and greywater systems.

Make the smarter choice and swap out your chemical cleaners for cleaning products that are safe for your system, your family and the environment.