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Total Nitrogen Reduction by Shortcutting Nitrification

Sudden spikes or consistently high nitrogen indicators are a common problem for wastewater treatment plants. Uncovering the root cause of high total nitrogen and then implementing long-term solutions takes time. During the process of developing a solution, effluent remains non-compliant. 

Our specialised bioaugmentation solution rapidly removes ammonia-nitrogen and nitrate-nitrogen more efficiently than conventional nitrification and denitrification, without the need for specialised equipment or plant modifications. 

In a treatment plant experiencing high levels of total nitrogen, Nitro Plus will rapidly break down ammonia and nitrates. This results in compliant effluent and gives the plant’s biomass time to re-establish conventional nitrification and denitrification processes. 

Unique microorganisms for more efficient oxidation 

The key to the efficacy of this biological remediation solution is the use of unique ammonia oxidising archaea and specialty facultative anaerobes. 

The ammonia oxidising archaea are able to metabolise ammonia through a process more robust and efficient than nitrification in the aerobic stage of the treatment process. They utilise a complex metabolic pathway with strong ammonia oxidising capacity. These highly-efficient extremophiles are able to survive in harsh environments with low alkalinity, a factor which commonly limits the rate of nitrification. 

Specialty facultative anaerobes then use the nitrate as an oxygen source to metabolise ammonia in an anoxic stage, without the need for additional carbon loading. This further increases the rate at which total nitrogen is reduced. 

Two metabolic paths are better than one

By metabolising ammonia through two processes in both aerobic and anoxic environments, and utilising nitrate as an oxygen source, Nitro Plus is able to reduce total nitrogen more rapidly than conventional treatment options. This allows total nitrogen to be reduced to acceptable levels in parallel with plant and process improvements, or to allow resident nitrifiers and denitrifiers to repopulate. 

Nitro Plus is used to seed new plants to ensure they start up effectively, as well as to remediate plants facing total nitrogen issues. Application is as simple as adding the prescribed dose to your system and is readily available to engineers, operators and technicians. 

EcoCare Australia specialise in biological wastewater remediation and can customise a specialty bacterial solution to meet your needs. We’ve researched and refined our solutions over the last 20 years and have developed the capacity to fulfil every step of the remediation process. You will interact with one team of experts right through our streamlined process of diagnosis, solution development, delivery and ongoing support.