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Wastewater Sludge Management

We provide specialty biological solutions to treat commercial wastewater systems. For treatment plants, biogas digesters, effluent ponds or sewage lagoons that are experiencing issues with sludge, we can diagnose your situation and prepare a customised solution.

Our solutions contain specialty bacteria, extremophiles and nutrients which will enhance biomass, improve sludge breakdown and restore the optimal conditions for wastewater treatment.

We provide expert diagnosis of your situation, analysis of your options, solution preparation and ongoing consultation at no additional cost. Our solutions are Australian-made, delivered for free and simple to implement.

We provide bioaugmentation for sludge in: 

  • Effluent ponds and sewage lagoons
  • Biogas digesters 
  • Sewage treatment plants 
  • On-site wastewater treatment systems 
  • Commercial septic or aerated wastewater treatment systems

We can help with: 

  • Reducing sludge volume
  • Rapidly restoring ponds to healthy conditions 
  • Improving solids management in the presence of high vegetative matter 
  • Countering the effects of nutrient build up 
  • Reducing maintenance costs arising from excess sludge

Why do industry professionals choose our solutions?  

  • Effective in harsh conditions 
  • Biological, environmentally responsible solution 
  • Non-hazardous 
  • Simple to implement and highly effective 
  • Free ongoing consultation and guidance
  • Free shipping

EcoCare Australia has been providing biological wastewater remediation solutions for over 20 years. Our highly effective solutions are used by mining, agribusiness, food manufacturing and leisure industries to ensure the optimal performance of their wastewater systems.