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Dog Odour Control

Good dogs aren’t always clean dogs

Man’s best friend can be messy – that’s why it’s important to clean up after them with a product that’s effective but also completely safe. Dog urine is a difficult smell to get rid of – but we’ve found the formula. Get rid of dog urine smell, stains and any other accidents in minutes with EcoShield Pets.

EcoShield Pets is readily biodegradable, environmentally responsible, non-toxic, completely safe for use around pets and highly effective. A mix of natural ingredients and biological stimulants trap odours and break them down so they’re gone for good.

Simple to use and fast-acting

Spray EcoShield Pets onto kennels, cages, wooden flooring, concrete and blankets to trap odour causing molecules and prevent them from escaping. On carpets and soft furnishings, simply spray EcoShield Pets over the area, leave for a few minutes and then dab away with a damp sponge or cloth.

I used it on the floor (laminated timber) and on my dog’s bedding after she was a bit unwell and vomited. Excellent. The product worked exactly as expected and left a nice citrus scent in the room. Very user friendly.

Lisa P.

I used ecoshield to remove dog urine off a fabric couch which was there for a few weeks, I did try other stuff to remove the odour and none of them worked. I used EcoShield twice on the urine and the smell and stain went away. It is the best spray that i have used for dog urine and i will definitively make sure i always have a bottle in the cupboard.

Sonya M.