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Grease Trap Maintenance

Solve your commercial grease trap issues quickly and easily

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There’s only one reason grease traps smell, get blocked or need to be pumped out more frequently than they should – they aren’t able to handle the amount of waste entering them. This could be because the grease trap is too small, but is more likely because the waste inside the grease trap isn’t being broken down which causes it to fill up too quickly, smell and cause blockages.

If your grease trap is blocked, smells or needs to be pumped out too frequently, you have two options:

  1. Install a larger grease trap
    This may solve your issue but it’s expensive, time consuming and disruptive to your business.

  2. Use an additive to treat waste inside your grease trap
    Adding specialised bacteria to your grease trap will let it first capture waste and then actively digest it within the grease trap. This means there’s less waste buildup within your grease trap, less frequent pump outs and no more bad smells.

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Get twice the usage out of your grease trap with GT Plus

EcoCare GT Plus is trusted by the F&B, hospitality and leisure industries to help them save on costly pump outs and get more out of their systems. Award-winning restaurants, luxury hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts and caravan parks use GT Plus to treat waste inside their grease traps.

Traditionally, grease traps are used to just capture fat, oil and grease waste so that it doesn’t enter wastewater systems. Every month untreated waste accumulates until it needs to be pumped out. GT Plus turns your grease trap from a waste holding tank into a waste treatment unit, doubling its functionality and reducing pump out frequency by up to 30%.

Businesses are using GT Plus to get more out of their grease trap and save on costly pump outs and expensive repairs.

A case study involving a vineyard and restaurant with a large grease trap experienced a 30% decrease in total suspended solids and an 80% reduction in turbidity after just six weeks use of GT Plus.

EcoCare GT Plus

EcoCare GT Plus contains a blend of selective fat and grease digesting bacteria which rapidly multiply and digest the waste in your grease trap without any chemicals added. This will keep your grease trap, drain lines and pipes clear and odourless, preventing blockages further down and improving the performance of your grease trap.

Businesses across Australia use EcoCare GT Plus because:

  • Reduces odours affecting staff and patrons
  • Breaks down blockages and build up of fats, oils and greases
  • Improves the condition of grease traps
  • Long term economic benefits of reduced pump outs
  • Scientifically developed and environmentally responsible
  • Fast-acting and simple to use
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting
  • Non-hazardous
EcoCare GT Plus - remove excess fat, oil and grease in grease traps

We are an award-winning café-restaurant, between Townsville and Ingham. We used to have problems with blockages and we had to get it pumped out about six times a year! Now that we use Ecocare we only get it pumped out once a year… Using your product has saved us the inconvenience and costs of fixing blocked drains and pump outs…

Alf Poefinger, Owner Frosty Mango Cafe

GT Plus Buying Options

Choose from our our fully automated or manual dosing options. If you’d like to speak with a consultant for advice, more information or a tailored solution, leave an enquiry or call us on 1800 633 866.

EcoCare GT Plus 5L

EcoCare GT Plus - remove excess fat, oil and grease in grease traps

Free Shipping

Test out our product. Restore your grease trap’s performance quickly and easily.

At least 1 month of improved grease trap performance.

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EcoCare GT Plus 20L

EcoCare GT Plus - remove excess fat, oil and grease in grease traps

Free Shipping

Our most economical package, more than 6 months of improved grease trap performance.

Manual dosing of EcoCare GT Plus is quick and easy with our simple instructions.

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EcoCare GT Plus 20L
Automated Dosing System

GT Plus and Automated Dosing System

Free Shipping

More than 6 months of improved grease trap performance without lifting a finger.

Our Automated Dosing System ensures your grease trap is dosed with the right amount, on time, for consistent performance.