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No more septic tank smells or blockages

A quick, efficient and eco-friendly solution for septic smells and blockages

Have you got lingering bad odours and smells coming from your toilets and drains or from your septic tank itself? Or overflowing tanks, slow-draining toilets or worse – clogged drains and blockages?

Don’t worry, EcoCare Activator can solve these issues quickly and cost effectively. All our solutions are environmentally friendly so you can rest easy that you are creating a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. 

Ask us about our 95% success rate.

What makes our products different?

Most septic, AWTS or greywater treatment products add bacteria or enzymes to make up for low bacteria populations. While we do provide specialty bacteria, we know that the underlying cause of most wastewater issues is poor biological conditions within the system that kill the bacteria necessary for waste breakdown.

EcoCare’s Biological Stimulant Technology introduces select nutrients, minerals and amino acids that improve the biological conditions, overcome the damage caused by everyday household chemicals and allow beneficial bacteria to maintain healthy populations. This is what allows septic systems to operate at peak performance and minimises the need for pump outs and expensive repairs.

I would like to congratulate EcoCare Australia on their products. Since I have been using them in my septic tank, the problems of the past have disappeared. The previous years of blocked drains, over-flowing, seepage in tanks, etc; have gone. Bad odours and reoccurring problems have ceased.

Peter Parry

By using EcoCare’s products to unblock our drains and for general cleaning …we pushed out the need for septic tanks to be pumped out by double to triple the normal period.

Martin Blake

Righting the wrongs of modern living.

Today septics have to cope with a lot more than the inventor ever intended.

Septic systems and other onsite treatment systems rely on the action of naturally occurring bacteria to break down waste. However, harsh chemical-based cleaners, non-biodegradable detergents and certain medications can quickly kill off good bacteria and upset the balance of your system. 

With too few bacteria, or the wrong type, your systems efficiency drops dramatically. Bad smells develop, waste is left undigested, and blockages and expensive pump outs become more frequent. You might even have to renew your leach drain or absorption trench – and that can be very expensive.

No need for a plumber – it’s so easy to use!

Quick, safe and simple to use, the fastest way to solve septic problems with EcoCare Activator is simply to pour the recommended dosage into the sink, down the toilet or into your washbasin, bath or shower.

EcoCare Activator goes to work at once. As it moves through the pipes it softens and breaks down built-up residues, transforming grease and fat into small globules that can be easily digested by naturally occurring bacteria. The unique blend of nutrients and bacterial stimulants in EcoCare Activator then go to work to ensure that natures own ‘good’ bacteria have everything they need to thrive. Blockages are removed, the breakdown of waste material is accelerated, bad smells and odours disappear and proper drainage is restored in leach drains and the surrounding soil. It really is that simple!

Free Shipping Australia-wide

We deliver to your door Australia wide within days – for Free! All our product comes with full, tailored, instructions and we are always here to help you in any way needed.

Different sizes to suits your needs.

Our products come as convenient liquid concentrates and in a range of sizes, depending on your needs with the larger sizes attracting significant discounts. For example, for an average household septic or treatment system we would recommend our more economical 10 or 20 litre container.

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